RIG 32

Clarksburg, WV
2,000 HP SCR
90' Skid System with Wireless Control and Redundant HPU
National 1320-UE with Baylor 7838 Auxiliary Electric Brake p/b (2) High Torque GE 752 Electric Motors
Branham 142', 1.3M lb Static Hook Load on 10 lines
31.5' Floor Height, (3) 10' Boxes, 1' Skid Beam, .5' Rigmat
(3) 1365 kW KATO AC Generators p/b (3) 3512C Caterpillar Engines w/ BiFuel Packages
1600A 4x4 Bay M&I Electric with Dynamic Braking and PLC Failover System
(2) 1600 HP FB1600 Mud Pumps with 7,500 PSI Fluid Ends with P-Quip Liner and Piston Retention Systems
Canrig 1250AC 500 Ton AC Top Drive with 7,500 PSI Fluid System and Rig Floor Mounted TDSU
National 275 27.5" Rotary Table
Canrig PC-3000 Automatic Catwalk with Hydraulic V-Door and Walking System
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