FD.Direct | Rig Support Platform

Every Frontier Rig has access to our FD.Direct Platform where they can:

  • Order equipment & supplies

  • Look up best practices

  • Record and create maintenance tasks

  • Conduct and record JSA's for every aspect of their drilling operation

Real-Time Performance & Safety Monitoring

With connected devices placed strategically around key components of the rig, Frontier as the ability to intelligently predict equipment failure, perform automatic system diagnostics and proactively take steps towards optimum safety and performance.

Industry Leading Partners

Frontier has taken years to develop our strategic partnerships.

  • World class hand tools ensure workers always have the proper resources for the task.

  • Custom developed safety products built specifically for the drilling industry.

  • State of the art Industrial Connectivity and Equipment Network maintain the highest uptimes in the industry. 

Supply Chain Management

Each product Frontier ships to the rigs is inspected by our in-house warehouse located centrally in Oklahoma City. We distribute supplies following the hub and spoke distribution principle which allows us to select and distribute only the safest and most reliable products to each rig. Should any safety or performance concerns arise, resolution measures can be implemented immediately 

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